Friday, November 21, 2008

Clint Eastwood at Ford Ord

(Photo: Eastwood in the Army. Photo found in the collection of Darren Allison, ownership not determined.)

Clint Eastwood was a young GI stationed at Fort Ord in 1951 when he explored Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and Salinas on his $75-a-month salary. He said in later interviews the he didn't plan to own much in those days, but after studying business administration and acting in Los Angeles, and working at a series of menial jobs, Clint played the "Rawhide" TV series in 1959 as young wrangler Rowdy Yates. With that acting money, he bought a weekend retreat in Pebble Beach, "a tiny house" across from the Monterey Peninsula Country Club, for $20,000. A stream of hit movies followed and Clint surpassed John Wayne as the biggest box office draw in Hollywood history. He bought bigger houses in Pebble Beach and Carmel, the Mission Ranch and other notable properties in Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands and Pebble Beach. He is now one of the principal owners of the Pebble Beach Company, its posh hotels and world-famous golf courses.

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