Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fort Ord's Mascot

In 1941, ten months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the newly activated 7th Infantry at Fort Ord was able to indulge in a love of dogs that is still seen on the Monterey Peninsula. Among the base's 15,000 men lived 75 dogs. Private Everett Scott had left his 10-year-old airdale back at his farm in Kansas, and the grieving dog named Laddie had lost 15 of his 40 pounds in the three months since Scott arrived at Fort Ord. Laddie was flown the 2,000 miles to California to be re-united with his master. When he arrived at the post he was found wrapped in blankets and hot water bottles. Laddie perked up at the sound of Scott's voice and began eating again. The base veterinarian provided blood transfusions, injections, and brandy. Men at the base hoped that Laddie would enjoy his last years chasing rabbits around the Army Reservation. But Laddie survived only four days on the base. The 7th Infantry held a simple funeral for their new – and late – mascot.


Susan Bradley said...

I met your husband when I was walking my dog Romeo at Fisherman's Wharf one night.

He told me about these stories....may we quote them on the radio show on KNRY radio? 1240 am aired on thursdays from 3:05 to 4pm?


Randi Greene said...

Sure Susan go ahead.