Sunday, November 9, 2008

Local Hiking Trail

In 1982 Southern Pacific sold a 2.3-mile strip of land, from Lovers Point to Custom House Plaza, to a "Joint Powers Authority" composed of several local governmental bodies, for the creation of a trail. The pathway opened in 1984 and was a key element in the spectacular renaissance enjoyed by Cannery Row in the '80s, and it stands today as a triumph of civic planning. Today, the Class I portion of the trail covers about 17 miles. (An additional 12 miles of Class II and Class III trail also exists.) Many political, economic, and legal complexities attend these new miles. Despite these obstacles, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District dreams of someday completing a 46-mile trail from Point Lobos to Elkhorn Slough.

(Cannery row hiking trail in 2008 by squid!, Creative Commons License.)

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