Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Point Sur Lighthouse

(Photo: Point Sur Lighthouse courtesy of slworking2, Creative Commons license.)

Point Sur was especially hazardous for sea travelers during the 100-year period from the mid-1800s, when marine traffic increased dramatically, to after World War II, when radar became common. Brave sailors died in shipwrecks, but ironically, some Central Coast residents profited, rushing to beaches to scoop up lumber and other goods that washed ashore. The good ship Ventura foundered off the coast in 1875. This accident gave impetus to construction of the Point Sur Light Station, which opened in 1889. Even after the lighthouse began operation, shipwrecks happened - partly because vessels plied perilously close to the rocky shores to avoid headwinds. The light station is open for tours; moonlight tours are powerfully evocative. Call 831-625-4419 for details.

(Video: A tour and background of the Point Sur Historic Lighthouse)

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